Truth Matters

If you read the first chapter of Shoot the Wounded by Lynn Dove, you won’t be able to stop till you read the last page.

Teens and parents of teens who read this book will feel right at home. Teen and adult gossip built on hasty conclusions from insufficient evidence keep the reader’s eyes glued to the page. The kaleidoscope of high school relationships is skillfully portrayed. As Ronnie’s story builds to a heart-rending moment of truth, Leigh and Jake tap-dance through a relationship complicated by half-truths. The meaning of the book’s title becomes very clear.

Christians who read the Bible faithfully will recognize in this book the same kind of characters that populate its pages. The teens and their parents all want to be faithful servants of Christ, yet everybody has dark moments and failures counterbalanced by moments when their faith shines brightly. Good and evil battle it out within the hearts of very real contemporary human beings.

The finale is worth waiting for. I won’t give it away, although it is tempting, because it is so satisfying. Lynn Dove has demonstrated skill as a storyteller in the context of a compelling testimony to the power of faith to redeem lives.

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