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Get to know Emma Right

Author of young adult psychological suspense thriller, Dead Dreams, Book 1.

Who am I?

I am a child of the Living God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a Christian, so the common vernacular would list me. I am also a wife, a stay at home and drive a lot mom, caregiver of many pets in the home and amongst other things, also an author. I came to know Christ in my teens. That has been the major fulcrum in my life. Everything seems to pivot around this event and has shaped every the direction in my life, including the stories I write.

Why I wrote Dead Dreams.

I wanted to write a story for young ladies—girls between 13 and 18—on the cusp of adulthood, but who are not quite out of the house yet. Dead Dreams is a suspense thriller, yet it is much more. Without being preachy Dead Dreams hopes to impress upon the young readers the deceit out there in the world.

Book CoverHaving homeschooled my children and being around other girls coming from a more sheltered lifestyle, I noticed that in their innocence and youth, they tended to jump into things that looked attractive without weighing hidden consequences. I wanted to explore possibilities that could be present in each young person as she travels in this journey of self-discovery and finding out for herself, when enough is enough—that limit that separates what’s acceptable from too dangerous, and the possibilities these choices could lead to.

I have always enjoyed a good thriller mystery so I wanted to write a young adult book that has a strong message yet is still filled with intrigue, mystery, and suspense. Hence, Dead Dreams. It is a part of a series, and the first book leaves questions that will be answered in book 2.

One of the most common questions I get is: how do you find time to write with homeschooling five? (Well, now only four, since my son has graduated and is working.)

As a busy mom I feel it’s important to carve out a small piece in my life for personal growth. To me being organized is the key. When life is in chaos it’s hard to be organized, but it’s possible and, in fact, needful. We need to arrange our lives into manageable sizes to stay sane–at least for me. I’m not saying it’s easy–my husband travels about 60% of the time, and it can be emotionally draining dealing with whiny kids–but if we can lay railroad tracks for our daily lives it’s easier to function.

On a week to week basis I have my tracks laid down–I know which kid is doing what, when and what meals to be served throughout the entire week–this would cut down on unnecessary time making extra trips to the grocery store. I do most of my shopping on the Internet–like books, supplies, clothes, and make-up, to save on time–and it’s less expensive too, with free shipping, and I can shop at 2am!

Also, on my site, I have some blogs on using free things to give the kids a great education (and I hope to input more of such things) but still give us, moms, some time to gather ourselves before we fall apart at the seams. One example is using Netflix movies to help in the homeschooling–make movie nights a meaningful and educational experience. And a mom can take a break as the kids watch something that benefits them.

I’d advise young moms to audit their time–find out when or which time block they spend their time on doing meaningless tasks–it’s like budgeting with time as your currency.

Another advice, and this may seem unrelated, is to stay away from negative people as much as possible. There is something draining about being around negativity and this mental torture will translate to stress, illnesses (which will make us even busier and serves no purpose) and there is something about peace that even sucks out whatever little time and energy we have.

But having said that, about the homeschooling, it’s good to have a schedule but if things fall apart and some kid didn’t finish up whatever task was given, I’ve learned through almost 17 years of homeschooling that the best thing is to just move on and not fret. There will always be another day, and in every stormy cloud there truly is a silver lining.

Current Projects:

Prisoner of Reign, the second in the Reign Fantasy Series, is being edited. The book is scheduled to be available in the summer of 2014. I am finishing the final touches for Dead Dreams, book 2 before I send it out to be edited by two different editors. I am also having a series of books for girls 6-10 years of age who love princess-type books (Princesses of Chadwick Castle Series). It will have color illustrations and will be available as eBooks and paperbacks. I hope to have that ready for Christmas.


Author PhotoAward Winning and Best Seller author, Emma Right, is a happy wife and Christian homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA. Besides running a busy home, and looking after their five pets, which includes two cats, two bunnies and a Long-haired Dachshund, she also writes stories for her children. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get theirs in one.

Emma worked as a copywriter for two major advertising agencies and won several awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for her ads, before she settled down to have children. Emma Right is currently features in Authors’ Network latest book, 50 Great Authors You Should be Reading. She can be contacted through her website at





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Phyllis Schlafly Defines Obama’s Terms – 4.9 stars

I took one course in logic while I was in college, and I learned one important thing from it: Know the definitions of the words being spoken in every disagreement. 

In No Higher Power the authors, Phyllis Schlafly and George Neumayr, have revealed the way Barack Obama and all secular thinkers systematically confuse the language in an attempt to make American citizens believe that this president is governing by the Constitution. The starting point is the idea that the Constitution is a “living” document, subject to an “evolving” interpretation. The guiding principles for that evolving interpretation are the principles of secularism, which are themselves evolving. In every chapter the authors provide deep background to help readers understand secular thinking as it is expressed in Barack Obama’s administration. Secular thinking considers religion to be at best a comforting myth, and at worst an outdated social construct that works in opposition to enlightened human reason. Every citizen who cares about religious freedom should read this book and learn all the ways that Barack Obama works to suppress and even eliminate the expression of religious faith in the culture of the USA.

 The perversions of language used by Barack Obama, his administration, and his colleagues are uncovered in rich detail, although the reader will almost certainly wish for even more. Citizens in this country usually expect every politician to practice deception, but readers of this book will discover that the Obama administration builds its entire policy structure on deceptive language.

 The word “religion” for example. Most people think they know what that means. Obama clearly has his own private meaning for the term. After readers discover how his attitude is shaped and what he means when he discusses the First Amendment, they may wonder what language he is actually speaking. Barack Obama has his own definition for religion and for the term exercise of religion. According to his own definition, he firmly believes in freedom of religion.

 Fifteen dense chapters examine Obama’s background and the background of the problems with the Catholic Bishops over the employer mandate in the healthcare law. Each chapter examines in detail the concept of secular thinking that shapes Obama’s politics. The Alinsky principles that mold the Obama leadership strategy. The reason Obama makes an exception for Islam. Obama’s view of family. In each chapter a new secular definition is explored, and its ramifications for American culture are laid bare. The book makes it clear that the Obama administration is a juggernaut that propels the secular world view into every aspect of American culture.

 There is a great deal of detail and lots of useful quotations. Unfortunately, readers will be disappointed by the absence of citations. There are many context references but you will find neither footnotes nor a bibliography. That deficit is the reason I cannot give this book 5 stars. You can verify the information by doing a Google search on the context references, but it is frustrating to see a book of this quality skip the citations that would nail down the facts. 

I recommend that you read the book, and then I recommend that you satisfy yourself by doing a little research. I am convinced that you will agree that Barack Obama is a dangerous enemy of our First Amendment protections of the free exercise of religion.

 * * * *

I received this book free from the author for the purpose of review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


From Spice to Eternity by Yvonne Pat Wright


It didn’t take long for me to realize that From Spice to Eternity is a unique treasure. The subject is life in an eternal and infinite context, but the setting is time and space. Yvonne Pat Wright has incorporated a zest for food and flavors with a zest for life eternal in book that is beautiful and sometimes whimsical. It is a very special book.

I love to cook, and I thought I knew a lot about herbs and spices. I wasn’t expecting to read solid information about each spice along with enticing recipes. The culinary information, however, is only a gateway, albeit a delightful and flavorful gateway, to bigger truths. Each spice introduces a new biblical truth, and the theme that permeates all the stories is the love that overflows a relationship with Christ. 

In the story that accompanies the entry for coriander, for example, the author quotes her uncle as saying something my parents used to say to me: “Getting what you want is wanting what you have.” Building on the coriander simile, the author points out that just as the Israelites tired of manna, even though it was God’s gift, people can tire of possessions. Possessions do not satisfy, but “[Christ] satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.’ Psalm 107:9. NKJV. Each spice invites the reader to think about knowing Christ as the psalmist said, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8 NRSV)

From Spice to Eternity is less than 200 pages long. You have time to read this book. This book will probably send you running to the kitchen to see if you have all the ingredients for one or more of the recipes, but more important, this book will encourage you to flavor your life now and forever with the presence of the Christ who loves you.


Welcome Heidi Kreider

Today I am happy to welcome Heidi Kreider, a fellow member of the launch team for Michael Hyatt’s latest book. We are all very excited about the book, and several of us decided to exchange posts on the subject.


Are you a writer?  A musician?  An artist?  A blogger?  Do you have your own business? Website? Ministry?  Are you looking for ways to promote what you have?  Are you wondering where to start? 


Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, by Michael Hyatt


Released this week, Michael Hyatt has written the new standard of marketing and renamed it platform building.  As he says…

            “It is about having something of value to others and finding the most powerful way of getting that message to others who can benefit from it. If you are an aspiring (or already successful) author, artist, musician, public speaker, salesperson, candidate for public office— anyone who has something to say or sell— I want to help you take the stage and get noticed beyond your wildest imagination.” 

If you provide the nuts and bolts, and the man-power, Michael Hyatt will provide the planks you need to build your platform.  In an honest and engaging manner, Michael teaches these profound truths in an easy to implement manner….

            Plank 1: Start With Wow

                        “Push… yourself to deliver great products that you are delighted— yes, delighted!— to offer. If you don’t, then your attempt to build a platform is doomed to failure.”

            Plank 2: Prepare to Launch

                        “Take responsibility for your own success and invite others to join you in the endeavor.”

            Plank 3: Build Your Home Base

                        “Your home base is the heart of your platform, and getting it right the first time will set you up for success.”

            Plank 4: Expand Your Reach

                        “Marketing is no longer about shouting in a crowded marketplace; it is about participating in a dialogue with fellow travelers. Marketing is no longer about generating transactions; it is about building relationships. Marketing is no longer about exploiting a market for your own benefit; it is about serving those who s hare your                       passion—    for your mutual benefit.”

            Plank 5: Engage Your Tribe

                        “The time to build an audience is before you need it. You need people for whom you add value, a small army of followers, if you will, who can help you when you need it. This is why every CEO, brand manager, and department leader should create a blog,                             maintain a Facebook page, and get active on Twitter. There’s no less-expensive way to create brand equity than by using these simple tools.” 

Platform:  Get Noticed in a Noisy World is now available in hardback and eBook through all major retailers.  Buy it this week (May 21-25) and get 7 FREE bonuses worth $375.98!  Just click here. 


Is it worth purchasing a hard copy?  ABSOLUTELY!  I purchased mine.  After highlighting my Kindle copy all over the place, I realized this is one of those books I will carry around, dog-ear, highlight, and refer back to time and time again.  I will not attempt to build my own platform without it.So… the question now becomes… what will you do?  Will you pick up a hammer and start building your own platform or are you too overwhelmed at that prospect?  Don’t give up before you even get started.  Listen to Michael’s final words…

            “what would having a platform like I have discussed in this book make possible for your business, your cause, or your campaign? What would it make possible for you? All you have to do is take the first step. You’ll figure out the rest.” 

Make your first step buying Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, by Michael Hyatt this week.  It’s the best first step toward building a platform beyond your wildest imagination that you could take. 

I received this book free from the author along with a request to post a review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Thank you, Heidi for sharing your impressions of a book that will soon be recognized as an essential guide to twenty-first century leaders and entrepreneurs. My readers can find my comments on the book today at, where you will also enjoy her blog “Living on Purpose.”

Standing on a Strong Platform

Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World is a powerful guide for people who create things. Creatives have historically relied on other people to sell their work. In today’s world that concept is morphing. The internet and social tools that use technology for human purposes have changed the way people around the world get acquainted and build relationships. Platform is an efficient and thorough guide for anyone with a message to connect with those who are eager to hear it. The message may be about a book, or about world hunger, or about a better lure for catching bass. Yet this book is not about being more flamboyant or noisier than the next person. This book is about being true to yourself as a creative and communicating your message with integrity.

I am very happy that I was among about one hundred people who were selected to help launch Platform. The team includes people of all ages, people from many different countries, and people who are creative in assorted arts. I am not sure what it says about me that I so frequently choose analogies with food, but this group reminds me of a Mexican mole. Those sauces have a list of ingredients that is almost a book in itself. The preparation has many steps and sub-processes. It takes all day to make a mole. In fact, I have read about moles that took more than 24 hours, because it takes that much time to develop all the flavor. Our team is like a complex and flavorful mole, including a great variety of components, and constantly surprising the senses with delightful discoveries of both aroma and taste.

This is the right kind of team to launch a book that is dense in content but spare in design. Sixty chapters – that sounds like a lot of reading. These chapters are lean like a bodybuilder’s bicep – all muscle and no fat. There is not one unnecessary word. As members of the team began posting their reactions to the book on our Facebook group, there was a common thread. Every reader was making notes for a future project in rebranding, blog management, and so forth while trying to absorb the whole message of the book. People were severely challenged to stick to the task of reading when every page invited them to stop and work on branding, product, blog, customer expectations, and so forth. Ideas and questions bubbled in the crucible of the group, and it is fun to imagine what will happen when the book is unleashed in the worldwide community of creatives.

Before I had finished the first chapter of this book, I recognized that one reading would only be a start. To get the value of the content, I needed to go back and spend time actually doing the recommended work in order to build my own platform. I had a lot of “aha!” moments as I made my first pass through the book. I also identified some work that won’t be completed in the second pass, or even the third. I am building a project workbook that will probably always be “in progress.” This book is not about attention-getting gimmicks; it is about being my best self for the long haul. It is about knowing how to share the message God asks me to share in truth and integrity. I have fought the whole process of marketing for a long time, biting my tongue over and over just to keep going. I am finally finding some peace in the process.

The launch team for Platform likely mirrors the conversations that will flow as the book reaches the audience of artists in all realms who are waiting for it. There are many books available for people who want to share a message with the world in the form of books, objects or causes. Platform will likely become one of the standards because of its elegant organization and rich content. I am proud to be part of a team that shares this guide to platform-building with so many people who need it. 

If you think you need a platform to stand on, then go to Michael Hyatt’s blog where you can sign up to be notified when the book is officially launched. If you sign up before the clock runs out, (see the countdown clock in the upper right hand corner of the page) you can receive some fabulous bonuses with your purchase of  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

A Call to Integrity in the Marketplace

Michael Hyatt, author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

The word that circulated in my mind as I read Michal Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World was integrity. Ever since I concluded that I was created by God to be a writer, I have shuddered at the whole idea of marketing. It always seemed like a process that demeaned everything I stood for. Platform lifts marketing out of the used car lot and sets it on higher ground. In Chapter 1, at Kindle location 397, the author talks about the product you are trying to sell, saying, “It’s a cause you are championing, a message you are passionate about.” In other words, his topic is not how to sell more newspapers on a street corner. This book is about the way you call attention to a message that hearers will care about as much as you do. Your message is unique and uniquely you. Platform is about raising your unique, passionate message above the fray in order that the people who need your message, your product, your service, your cause, can actually receive it. Platform is a call to be your best self, not to be the loudest and most flamboyant entrepreneur in the marketplace. Writers who shrink from spending time on Facebook or Twitter, because they think such activity trivializes their work will discover a whole new perspective on these activities. Writers who have been advised to block entry to their sites with “squeeze boxes” or artists who think they need Flash images bouncing all over their blogs will breathe a sigh of relief. At last, a book on “marketing” that is not really about marketing. Rather, it is about how to achieve success in your work without compromising your principles. Yet it is simultaneously a guide to all the best available technology available to be used in service of your mission. 

Platform is organized perfectly for use as a personal project plan to build your own platform. Chapters are brief and tightly focused. You will treasure the tidy lists that make it easy to tackle each recommended step. You will be grateful for the logical progression that does not require flipping back and forth through the chapters to get the message. You can and you should read Platform straight through before you begin trying to use it, because you need the big picture. You will want to start working immediately, but don’t stop. You need the whole picture first. After that first pass, you should go back and start at chapter 1, reading thoughtfully and working through each step in the process that will build your own platform. On my first pass, I wrote down a few notes that I know will be part of my project, because I did not want to lose those first, fresh reactions to the material. Still, I feel certain that those notes will be chewed up, discarded, refreshed and reshaped a few times before my work is done.  

Every artist, whether a writer, a photographer, a consultant or a missionary to lepers, or any other person who lives a life shaped by the call to excellence in any endeavor, wants to connect with people who need this product. That call to excellence in your work is mirrored in Platform by calls to integrity in the process of sharing your message. In the final chapter, almost the final words, Hyatt says, at Kindle location 4050,”The key to monetizing your art without selling your soul is to offer ads, products, and services that are congruent with your brand and will add value to your readers.” In other words, build your platform with the same integrity you express in the work you offer to the world. After reading this book, I realized that if my work means what I say it means, then a platform whose strength is integrity is the only platform on which I can safely offer my work to people. I think every artist will benefit from reading and using the guidance offered in Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

I am sure you are eager now to buy this book, but don’t buy it yet. Wait! Michael will offer some exciting gifts to purchasers during the week May 21-25. Be watching for the announcement of the special gifts.

I received this book free from the author along with a request to post a review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Do You Hear the Voice of the King?

Most of my Christian friends share a single common problem: they all fret with their ability to discern God’s will for them. In simple words, they worry that they will not hear the voice of the King calling to them.

In brilliantly colored drawings and simple words, the book The Donkey and The King helps children aged two through seven learn to listen for the voice of the King. The central character, a donkey named Baruch, grows weary of a feeling worthless. He sets out to seek a better life. Other characters with names reminiscent of the characters in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress attempt without success to keep the determined donkey from his quest.

At Baruch’s darkest hour, discouraged, cold and afraid, a messenger from the King finds him. When the messenger tells Baruch that the King wants the little donkey to join him in the beautiful garden, Baruch is doubtful. The donkey then learns that in order to enter the garden he must pass an angel with a flaming sword, an angel who only allows entrance to those who hear the voice of the King. 

Baruch feels deeply discouraged. “I’m not a very good donkey,” he says. “I don’t think I could hear the King’s voice.” The adventurer who so daringly opened the gate to his pen and ran away immediately recognizes that he is unworthy to be noticed by the King and actually fears that the King is angry with him for being so disobedient. Believers of all ages will recognize this problem. Everyone needs the encouragement the King’s messenger gave to Baruch to believe that the King loves him and will call him into the garden.

Bright, colorful pictures will keep any child’s attention. They tell the story beautifully without words. At the end of the story is an image reminiscent of the famous “Good Shepherd” painting. Baruch learns that even though he thought he could find happiness by himself, he really needed to be found by the King. Parents who want to teach their children to know and love the King of Kings will love reading this story aloud as much as their children enjoy hearing it.

 I received this book at no charge for the purpose of reading and reviewing it. I was not obligated to give a positive review. This review is my honest appraisal of the book.



Book Review — You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins is an affirming read for any writer, beginning with the title. Anyone who writes or claims to want to write needs this book. There is plenty of negativity in the world and if you have a dream, there is somebody waiting to squelch it. If you write already, or if you dream of being a successful writer, then you need this book.

 Affirmation is a central element of the book. Jeff Goins shares his own experiences and uses them to reassure his readers that being listed on the New York Times best-seller list is not the only possible definition of success for a writer. Writing is one thing. Publication is something else. Fame and prizes and guest spots on Oprah and Today are completely other. Unless you write, you are not a writer. If you write, you are a writer. This theme weaves its way through all parts of the book. Just as you weary of any of the more mundane topics, Jeff will give you another shot in the arm to keep you moving.

 To say this is not to give away his whole book or even his most important concept. Writing is the key that unlocks the door to success. Jeff’s book explains how to craft the key, how to use the key, what doors you need to unlock, and a few hints at what will be on the other side of some of those doors.

 For example, in the second chapter of the book, Jeff says, “there must be a life behind the writing.” As you explore this chapter, you will start asking yourself some important questions about the way your life shapes your writing. By the time you reach the third chapter, you should be energized about writing and about your place in the writing world.

You will need that energy, because this book delves into the greatest bugaboo for all the writers I know: marketing. That isn’t where he starts, because you cannot market a product you have not created. Jeff begins at the beginning: a product that is true to its creator. You cannot market with integrity unless you are writing with integrity. Starting there, the book leads you in an orderly fashion all the way down the road to publishing success. Yet Jeff does not permit the budding writer to forget that the writing product that is for sale must grow out of the character of the writer or any success is hollow.

 A cook who created something akin to this book would have made a rich flavorful sauce by reducing the liquid components to dense layers of flavor fine-tuned with herbs and spices for a unique gustatory experience. This is not a lengthy book, but it is dense. You can read it in a few hours. However, you will immediately realize that in order to savor it, you need to go back and read each section more slowly, unpacking the density and applying the principles to your unique artistry as a writer.

You can get better acquainted with Jeff Goins and learn a few more new tricks for writers at his website

 This is not the only book a writer needs, but every writer needs this book.

 I received this book as an advance copy for review purposes from Jeff Goins. I was not asked to give a good review nor was I offered any compensation for the review. This review is my honest appraisal of this book.

Book Review — The Book of Esther by Deborah Bateman


Scroll of Esther (Megillah)

Scroll of Esther (Megillah) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always loved the book of Esther since about seventh grade when our Sunday School quarterly had her picture on the cover. It was an exquisite, very oriental image, showing the moment she touched the scepter of the king. I later learned what a courageous moment that was, and it stayed with me. Deborah Bateman brings this amazing moment to life in her day by day Bible study of the book of Esther, as part of a thorough look at the whole book. Each day’s study is short enough to be completed at the beginning of a busy day, including her excellent comments, the text for study – very handy, because you don’t even need to have a Bible with you – and three or four thought questions. You have time for this Bible study.

I appreciated the fact that Deborah spread her study over the entire book. Some people would have thought it necessary to avoid the gruesome executions or the terrible battles at the end. I have read studies that simply ignore those truths. Deborah clearly accepts a basic truth: God preserved the whole Bible for us to study and grow. The hard parts are just as important as the easy parts. It is exciting to read about the parties and the fine dress and decorations, but bloody, vicious executions are challenging for twentieth century students. She handles the challenge with grace, and every student will be blessed by the way she covers the entire story.

Deborah demonstrates that you don’t need hours every day in order to study and grow in faith. You simply need to promise yourself to complete one study each day and then keep your promise. You can do this Bible study in less than a half hour each day, although you may find it so interesting that you will want to spend more time in prayer and thought. If you have not yet found a way to make time for Bible study every day, I recommend Deborah’s book.

Book Review — Breaking Pride by Heather Bixler

Breaking Pride is a compact, uncomplicated book. It is highly readable, written in a conversational style. To read it is like visiting with a trusted mentor in the faith. It won’t take long to read it all the way through, and you should do that as a start. After that, you should read through each chapter devotionally. You could read and pray through one chapter each weekday for two weeks. It would be a good way to internalize the principles and start using the guidance for dealing with pride.

Each of the ten short chapters addresses an individual facet of our battle with pride. We think we know all about pride when we quote the proverb, “Pride goes before a fall.” Sadly that is only a glimpse of the destructive power of pride. It is easy to forget that Satan uses pride to draw us away from a life of service to others in order to focus on self. Pride builds walls between us and other people and between us and God. There are natural reasons for us to lean on pride as protection and defense. As you read this book, you will learn both the issues underlying the problem and biblical principles that will help you mature in humility and service. The verses at the head of each chapter sum up each principle in the process of breaking your pride without breaking you.

Breaking Pride is a valuable book for anyone who is serious about living faithfully Christ’s call to love others as we love ourselves.