Standing on a Strong Platform

Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World is a powerful guide for people who create things. Creatives have historically relied on other people to sell their work. In today’s world that concept is morphing. The internet and social tools that use technology for human purposes have changed the way people around the world get acquainted and build relationships. Platform is an efficient and thorough guide for anyone with a message to connect with those who are eager to hear it. The message may be about a book, or about world hunger, or about a better lure for catching bass. Yet this book is not about being more flamboyant or noisier than the next person. This book is about being true to yourself as a creative and communicating your message with integrity.

I am very happy that I was among about one hundred people who were selected to help launch Platform. The team includes people of all ages, people from many different countries, and people who are creative in assorted arts. I am not sure what it says about me that I so frequently choose analogies with food, but this group reminds me of a Mexican mole. Those sauces have a list of ingredients that is almost a book in itself. The preparation has many steps and sub-processes. It takes all day to make a mole. In fact, I have read about moles that took more than 24 hours, because it takes that much time to develop all the flavor. Our team is like a complex and flavorful mole, including a great variety of components, and constantly surprising the senses with delightful discoveries of both aroma and taste.

This is the right kind of team to launch a book that is dense in content but spare in design. Sixty chapters – that sounds like a lot of reading. These chapters are lean like a bodybuilder’s bicep – all muscle and no fat. There is not one unnecessary word. As members of the team began posting their reactions to the book on our Facebook group, there was a common thread. Every reader was making notes for a future project in rebranding, blog management, and so forth while trying to absorb the whole message of the book. People were severely challenged to stick to the task of reading when every page invited them to stop and work on branding, product, blog, customer expectations, and so forth. Ideas and questions bubbled in the crucible of the group, and it is fun to imagine what will happen when the book is unleashed in the worldwide community of creatives.

Before I had finished the first chapter of this book, I recognized that one reading would only be a start. To get the value of the content, I needed to go back and spend time actually doing the recommended work in order to build my own platform. I had a lot of “aha!” moments as I made my first pass through the book. I also identified some work that won’t be completed in the second pass, or even the third. I am building a project workbook that will probably always be “in progress.” This book is not about attention-getting gimmicks; it is about being my best self for the long haul. It is about knowing how to share the message God asks me to share in truth and integrity. I have fought the whole process of marketing for a long time, biting my tongue over and over just to keep going. I am finally finding some peace in the process.

The launch team for Platform likely mirrors the conversations that will flow as the book reaches the audience of artists in all realms who are waiting for it. There are many books available for people who want to share a message with the world in the form of books, objects or causes. Platform will likely become one of the standards because of its elegant organization and rich content. I am proud to be part of a team that shares this guide to platform-building with so many people who need it. 

If you think you need a platform to stand on, then go to Michael Hyatt’s blog where you can sign up to be notified when the book is officially launched. If you sign up before the clock runs out, (see the countdown clock in the upper right hand corner of the page) you can receive some fabulous bonuses with your purchase of  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

5 thoughts on “Standing on a Strong Platform

  1. Just got it, and I am planning to follow suit with your planning notebook. There is so much, and if I don’t order and schedule it, it will be so overwhelming and hit and miss. I don’t have time to waste time missing and redoing!

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